Container Runtime Comparison

Training Summary
Docker has been the go-to container runtime for many years, but with the recent changes in Kubernetes to deprecate Docker, many have started to look at alternatives. This class walks through some of the most popular container runtimes and explains the benefits, disadvantages, and differences. Attendees will learn about standardization for container runtimes Docker, containerd, runc, and CRI-O.
Attendees should have a basic understanding of Linux and command-line experience. Experience with Kubernetes is recommended but not required.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
The audience for this class is DevOps, Architects, Team Leads, Operations, and any other Engineering personnel interested in an in-depth comparison between container runtimes, and how they fit into Kubernetes.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • Container deep dive
  • Docker
  • Containerd
  • CRI-O
  • RunC
  • Building and managing containers with different runtimes
  • Wrap-up

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