Content Services Switch Operation and Configuration

The Content Services Switch Operation and Configuration course provides customers with essential knowledge required for deploying content switching networks and layer 4-7 switching applications. The operation and configuration class provides customers with intensive hands-on training using Cisco 11500 Series Content Services Switch and Content Switching Module for Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch. This course is intended for a technical audience involved in the installation, configuration and maintenance of content switching products. Customized training is available to emphasize the specific requirements of the customer's network and business demands.
Students must have a basic understanding of TCP/IP, HTTP, IP Routing, DNS and network design/configuration.
5 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for channel partners/resellers, and customers.
  • Describe content switching and the challenges in optimizing web response time and availability.
  • Describe the Cisco CSS 11500 and CSM product architecture.
  • Configure a content switch for layer3 and layer 4 server load balancing.
  • Configure a content switch layer5 content switching operation and client persistence.
  • Configure a content domain that provides global load balancing of content between peering switches.
  • Describe and configure content smart caching for proxy, transparent and reverse proxy cache networks.
  • Manage the content switch by configuring the SNMP agent that responds to SNMP set, and get requests and sends trap messages and define RMON events and alarms.
  • Increase the security of content switches by configuring and using SSH, TACACS+, Access Control Lists, and monitoring DoS detections
  • Describe the booting sequence of the content switches, including how to upgrade the content switches to newer images.
  • Cisco Content Switching Product Overview
  • CLI and Initial Configuration
  • Services
  • Owners and Content Rules
  • Load Balancing
  • Domain Name Services and Global Server Load Balancing
  • VIP and Interface Redundancy
  • Adaptive Session Redundancy
  • SSL Basics
  • SSL Advanced Backend SSL and URL Rewrite
  • CSM CLI, Basic Functions and Configuration
  • CSM Network Design

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