About Us


ProTech Training is a global Enterprise IT training & consulting firm that offers hundreds of courses in topics literally ranging from A-to-Z.  From CompTIA A+ certification to z/OS IBM Mainframe systems, we have it all. 
ProTech has trained hundreds of thousands of students worldwide since we opened our doors in 1990.  Our classes are offered as open-enrollment or custom onsite deliveries that can be attended in-person in a Live Classroom or live online with our Virtually Anywhere or Connected Classrooms. We also offer a limited number of self-paced elearning courses. Having worked with over 60% of the Fortune 1000 (including nine of the Fortune Top 10), we offer training for all types of IT professionals, from Programmers to Systems Administrators, Analysts to Project Managers. We also offer a variety of professional development and managerial courses to support all aspects of the IT professional’s development.
ProTech is an elite Tier1 Managed Microsoft Partner for Learning Services and also partnered with such leading firms as IBM, Broadcom,  HP,  Apple, Cisco, Citrix and more. Our curriculum is also endorsed by both the Project Management Institute, the International Institute for Business Analysis, and aligned with the ScrumAlliance, SAFe and Scrum.org certifications. 
ProTech Consulting is a specialized consulting firm focused on Enterprise Systems Management & Data Center Automation for very large data centers. We help customers with very complex and heterogenous IT networks keep their systems running smoothly and performing at peak capacity.  Thru our consulting practice ProTech has developed several innovative software products to help clients maintain and automate their servers.
For more information, please contact us at info@protechtraining.com.