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Virtual Instructor
Stuff we've picked up from instructors over the years. Here is also a link for student issues. Often pointing students to that link takes care of any in-room issues at class beginning. 
The Slide Show
Bryan or Dima will ship you the specific WebEx Remote Access PC Assignments later – probably Friday night. The slide show was developed to take your students step by step through the process of logging on to their lab computers.
We have a survey for mid-course review here. We could ship it to your students, you could ship it to your students, or we could not use it.  I use it if we have any sense that something is going wrong. Otherwise, I encourage you to do so if you see any need.  The way that I introduce it is: The survey in this link is provided to give feedback during class so that the instructor may better tailor his or her delivery to the needs of the class. It is not the final evaluation survey.  There are 11 questions.  You may answer some, all, or none – whatever is your preference.  Please let me know if you do use it so that I can get your results to you.
Please leave us a voice mail or send us an email with any questions or comments:
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