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The more "mission-critical" a problem, the more valuable the solution.
Another tenet from ProTech's business mentor, he reminded us to use our passion and focus to bring value to customer solutions by leveraging our expertise in Enterprise systems for ultimate success.
Benefit from ProTech's expertise in Enterprise Systems Management & Data Center Automation with solutions developed from our decades of success with some of the world's largest and most sophisticated IT infrastructures.
EZChange for CA-OPS/MVS - automates the error-prone and labor intensive method for policy implementation by managing the rollout of Rules, EXECs, Global variables and stems, RDF tables and various other elements.
REXXexpress - is a fully portable toolbox of productivity tools including a REXX function library, central management tools and environmental integration automation that help developers to get applications done faster and maintained more easily.
RMF Redux - analyzes Workload Manager data to finally provide a view of true system behavior that reflects the policies implemented. SMF Type 70/72 records are evaluated to provide a global view of how the system is performing within respective service classes.
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