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ProTech trains over 10,000 new students each year, here is just some of the positive feedback we receive from our workshops...

Great class and instructor. Clear, concise and very informative. Instructor very knowledgeable of this & all Oracle which was great! Very organized and good examples.

- Teri P.

Good class, good information, good pace, kept class interesting.

- Wayne S.

I appreciate the instructor scaling down the pace of the class. Hal gave very good examples & explanations of this "crazy" language. Learned some new buzz words.

- Patty B.

Instructor's knowledge of the subject was excellent.

- Kim W.

I thought the instructor was very good and really new his subject. He gave very good examples. Did not just go over what was in the book. It's nice to have an instructor that really was able to teach. Thanks!

- Kim T.

Instructor had great "hands-on" experience and was very good at passing the info to us.

- William H.

We did a great job partnering to develop this session. Neal was great to work with and the course was well received by participants. Great instructor.

- Becky Y.

The instructor did an outstanding job in helping everyone learn UNIX admin. I would highly recommend ProTech to anyone.

- Todd H.

Instructor was excellent. Gave as much detail as required. Very knowledgeable.

- Gary F.

Dan was great. He was able to display & present his expertise so everyone had a good understanding of the course material.

- Winnie C.

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