WebEx Setup Instructions



  1. Prior to the first day of class please confirm that you can access the virtual classroom by running http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html
  2. If possible, please access the meeting directly from your PC to the internet, and not through VPN or any other remote terminal software. It is strongly advisable to run your test from the exact same network location that you will be taking your virtual training with ProTech.
  3. Please make sure your popup blocker is set to allow popups to log in to the meeting.
  4. During your test session ensure that you have working audio equipment. It is preferred that you use headset with microphone to run your test and during training. Also, if possible, use two monitors; one for the instructor presentation and one for the lab.
  5. For more information about WebEx meetings, as well as configuring additional audio and video settings, click on this link: https://help.webex.com/en-us/
  6. Please confirm that you can access the remote lab computer using an up-to-date HTML 5 browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Please test your connectivity as follows:
    • Go to https://labs.protechtraining.com
    • Username: ptaccess_test
    • Password: Pa$$w0rd (0 = zero)
    • Once you login, you will see a list of test computers to choose from (HTML5TEST-01 through HTML5TEST-05). Select a test connection that is not in use (connections in use will be grayed out and display “Currently in use by 1 user” to the right.)
    • Once connected, verify that you can interact with the desktop. This is only a test machine and is not configured for any specific class. It is only used to verify that you can connect using this particular method. This test should be completed from the computer and location that you will be attending the training from.
    • For more detailed information, please consult the ProTech Remote Service test connection documentation
  7. If you have difficulty completing the set-up please leave us a voice mail or send us an email using the following contact info:

    [email protected]
    (800) 373-9188 (x299)
  8. Depending on your arrangements, you will be receiving a package that will include a hard copy of the course materials, or an email with the link to retrieve your digital materials. Please watch for them.
  9. If you are taking the class from a remote location (not your house or office), please plan to have access to this email from that location or take a printout of it with you.
  10. If you have questions about the course, or your participation, please contact your ProTech Account Manager.

Thank you for your confidence in ProTech Training!