Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Automation API Operating and Developing

Training Summary
By accessing the capabilities of Control-M via its Automation Application Programming Interface (API) from the Developers’ Self-Service Portal, developers can work with workflow orchestration, further enhancing the self-service nature of the company’s DevOps processes. This one-day instructor-led training covers basic concepts of Control-M Automation API, how to write job definitions in JSON format, working with environments, validating and executing job definitions file, and how to review the job definitions in Control-M environment. In addition to this, it also talks about the basics of job scheduling and different post execution actions. Finally, students will also learn how to deploy job definitions to the production environment.
To get the most out of this course, participants should have completed:
  • Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Using
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
The target audience for this course includes:
  • Developers
Course Topics
  • Overview of Control-M Automation API
  • Using JSON
  • Working with Control-M Automation API Services
  • Define Order of Execution
  • Deploying Job Code
  • Define Execution Schedules
  • Post Execution Actions

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