Control-M for Mainframe 20.x: Fundamentals Scheduling

Training Summary
This introductory course is designed to teach basic concepts of Control-M for z/OS, including working knowledge of Control-M, job scheduling, and an introduction to Control-M Event Manager and Control-M/Restart. Students will learn how to access and exit the IOA Primary Menu, use basic commands and function keys, as well as define job scheduling definition parameters, view and modify jobs contained in the active environment, define and use Calendars and resources in job scheduling definition, and learn the concept of Workload Policies as part of workload optimization to manage z/OS jobs. Students will also be introduced to the capabilities of Control-M Event Manager and Control-M/Restart.
Before taking this course, students should take the Control-M for Mainframe 20.x: Overview (WBT) course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Batch Operators and Control-M Schedulers.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Control-M for z/OS Concepts and Functionality
  • Managing Jobs and Job Scheduling Definitions
  • Working with the Active Environment
  • Working with Conditions and Resources
  • Understanding Workload Optimization
  • Introduction to Control-M Event Manager
  • Introduction to Control-M Restart

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