Converting Unicenter Automation Point from OS/2

This course will show the student how to plan, install and migrate to CA-Automation Point for Windows NT. Configuring, standards and hardware requirements will be discussed. Quizzes and labs will be used to reinforce presented topics.
The student should have attended the Multi-Platform REXX Programming course or have the equivalent knowledge and experience as well as a familiarity with Windows NT.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for experienced users of CA-Automation Point for OS/2.
  • Windows NT systems concepts
  • New features
  • Hardware requirements
  • Terminal emulation hardware and connections (3270, HLLAPI and asynch)
  • CA-Automation Point installation
  • Program to Program Queue (PPQ) installation
  • Installation and use of the Global Variable Environment (GLV)
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) installation
  • Notification Manager installation
  • Voice Interface (VOX) installation
  • Unicenter TNG interface
  • Planning your migration
  • Migrating Visual REXX applications

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