CORBA Development in Java

This course introduces Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). COBA is the technology that allows distributed software system to communicate. Programming the Java interface to CORBA allows a Java program to invoke a C++ or .Net program and receive a response. This course introduces the student to the Java mappings of CORBA types. Custom mappings are covered as are exceptions and event programming. This is a hands-on course focusing on concepts, techniques and practical knowledge of CORBA.
Students of this course should be experienced Java programmers.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is ideal for the developer working in Enterprise Java development. In addition other members of the development staff such as managers, quality assurance, and testing personal would find this course very useful.
Introduction::The OMG Interface Definition Language (IDL)::Basic IDL to Java Mapping::Client-Side Java Mapping::Server-Side Java Mapping::The Portable Object Adapter (POA)::Object Life Cycle::GIOP, IIOP, and IORs::Implementation Repositories and Binding::Dynamitic CORBA::CORBAservices

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