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This training course provides a thorough introduction to the patterns and features of Angular.

Angular is a Google-supported, open-source JavaScript "MV*" or "single-page app" framework. Its second version is a redesign of the original framework released in 2009. Trading on its extreme popularity, developers are eager to use one of the top frameworks for JavaScript app development.

AngularJS is an opinionated framework – it brings strong ideas about how apps should be built. In return for working with Angular conventions, the framework provides an exceptional amount of “magic” to make app development and testing easier. This course provides a thorough introduction to the patterns and features of Angular.

Before taking this course, students should have a thorough understanding of JavaScript. Knowledge of TypeScript, AngularJS, and Single Page Applications is highly helpful.

4 Days/Lecture & Lab

Our Core AngularJS training course is geared towards seasoned JavaScript developers with at least 6-12 months hands-on experience developing single page applications using any other JavaScript framework.

Setting up your Angular2 Development Environment

  • TypeScript and ECMAScript 6
  • Promiss and Reactive Programming (RxJS)
  • Angular-CLI
  • How Angular2 Works
  • Angular ng-modules vs ES6 Modules
  • Angular Components & Template Syntax
  • Forms in AngularJS
  • Angular Pipes
  • Architecting Services & View Components
  • Component Lifecycle
  • HTTP Client
  • Component Router & Navigation
  • Testing

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