Core Backbone.js

Backbone.js was the first of the major JavaScript MVC (or MV*) frameworks to achieve huge adoption with startups and established enterprises alike. Today, Backbone (along with Ember and Angluar) remains one of the most used frameworks for building flexible, powerful, well-organized JavaScript applications. Backbone distinguishes itself through a focus on providing straightforward components that a developer can combine in the way that is most valuable to him or her. Backbone involves less “magic” than other popular frameworks and can easily work together with existing code. A robust ecosystem means developers can add more capabilities through plug-ins - either authoring their own, or using popular open-source add-ons.
To take this course you should have: • Solid knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and jQuery • Some familiarity with CSS • Some familiarity with the MVC design pattern (from client, server, desktop, or mobile apps)
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for web developers.
Review of OO / Advanced JavaScript (optional)
  • Review of jQuery (optional)
  • Introduction to Client-Side MVC Concepts
  • Introducing Backbone.js
  • Working with the Server
  • Modular Development
  • Extensions and Helpers
  • Best Practices and Tools
  • Testing Approaches with Backbone.js

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