Core Flex 4

All students should have some experience with HTML. They should be able to write HTML tables and forms from scratch, format text and insert images. Experience with CSS and a database is a plus, but is not required. SQL experience is helpful, but not required. Experience with Object Oriented Programming a plus.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Understanding Rich Internet Applications
  • Getting Started with Flex Application Development
  • Laying Out the Interface
  • Using Simple Controls
  • Event Handling
  • Using Remote XML Data
  • Creating Classes
  • Using Data Binding and Collections
  • Breaking the Application into Components
  • Using DataGroups and Lists
  • Creating and Dispatching Events
  • Using DataGrids and Item Renderers
  • Using Drag and Drop
  • Implementing Navigation
  • Using Formatters and Validators
  • Customizing a Flex Application with Styles
  • Customizing a Flex Application with Skins
  • Creating Custom ActionScript Components
  • Conclusion

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