Core Technologies in Office SharePoint Server 2007

This course is designed to give SharePoint administrators basic and intermediate information and skills they need in order to design, deploy, and manage a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Standard Edition implementation.When an organization introduces a new information management system such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and/or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 into their system, there are numerous planning and management issues that need to be addressed. Organizations can ease this process and ensure successful implementation of these information management systems by having a minimum of one technically-oriented person and one project manager or management person attend this course. Since the technical concepts included in this course are tied to design and implementation issues, both technical and non-technical attendees will benefit from the topics covered in this course.
Prior to taking this course, attendees should have a general knowledge of networking concepts and a basic understanding of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007. Technically-oriented students are expected to understand and/or be able to perform the following administrative activities: -DNS - Including ability to create alias records and records in the Hosts file. -IIS - Create new Web sites, host headers, and work with site security. -Active Directory Users and Computers - Create new user accounts, reset passwords, and perform general user -and group account activities.-SQL Server - Have a basic understanding of how to apply permissions to a database. -Windows 2003 Server - Have a basic understanding of Active Directory. -Networking - Have a basic understanding and the ability to assign IP addresses, host names, and general connectivity issues.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
The primary audience for this course is SharePoint administrators who intend to design, implement, and manage a SharePoint Server 2007. A secondary audience is developers who will be supporting and extending the product.
  • Introduction to SharePoint Server 2007
  • Architecture and Design
  • Install a Single Server Farm
  • Farm Administration Operations
  • Application Management
  • Shared Services Provider
  • Corporate, Team, and Private Portals
  • Content Types and Features
  • Search Operations and Architecture
  • Search Administration
  • Workflows
  • Document Management
  • Records Management
  • Web Authoring and Publishing
  • Web Content Deployment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Forms Services (Self-Study)
  • Site Templates (Self-Study)
  • SharePoint Web Parts (Self-Study)
  • Code Access Security for Administrators (Self-Study)

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