C)PSH - Certified PowerShell Hacker with Certification Exam - M2CPSH

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C)PSH - Certified PowerShell Hacker with Certification Exam - M2CPSH

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The Certified PowerShell Hacker (CPSH) is an intense 4 days covering the keys to hacking with PowerShell. We know that most companies have an Active Directory infrastructure that manages authentication and authorization to most devices and objects within the organization. Many use PowerShell to speed up and simplify management, which only makes sense. Did you know that a large percentage of hacks over the last year included PowerShell based attacks? Well, they did, which is why we spend 4 days learning how to hack like the pros using nothing but what is already available to us in Windows or now in open source code on Mac and Linux.

4 Days

Penetration Testers; Microsoft Administrators; Security Administrators; Active Directory Administrators; Anyone looking to learn more about security

Upon completion, the Certified PowerShell Hacker candidate will be able to competently take the CPSH exam.

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