Creating Communication: Dialogue in Difficult Situations

A dialogue cannot take place if one person refuses to communicate. This course an adaptation of the material in Mark Goulston’s book “Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone” supplemented with other material on creating rapport and communicating in difficult situations and with difficult people. The basic theme of this course is that rather than being “held hostage” by the other person’s unwillingness or inability to engage, we can work through a process of gradually opening a dialogue so that the other person is willing to listen and work towards a solution that resolves if impasse. Essentially, the course is designed to deal with the situation summed up in the phrase “They just won’t listen!” The course does not merely follow Goulston’s book, but at various points brings in supporting ancillary material and related techniques from other sources. The course also uses material from PT4238 Communications Skills. This course is about 30% lecture and about 70% hands on practical experience with the techniques discussed
This course uses concepts and techniques from PT4278 Communications Skills. It is strongly recommended that students complete that course before taking this one.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for anyone who needs to know how to establish dialogue in stressful or emotionally volatile situations.
  • Being Held Hostage in a Communication
  • Move yourself from “oh f#@& to ok”
  • Rewire yourself to listen
  • Make the other person feel “felt”
  • Engaging the other person
  • Check your dissonance and ego at the door
  • Steer clear of toxic people
  • Steer clear of toxic situations
  • Techniques to achieve buy-in and get through
  • Fast fixes for seven challenging situations

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