Creating Responsive Projects with Captivate

Training Summary
This class builds upon the concepts covered in Captivate – Beyond the Essentials. In this course you will explore how to create responsive projects that adapt to fit any screen size, whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop. With mobile learning becoming a large percentage of eLearning, it is important to understand how to adapt your projects to this new environment. You begin by exploring the responsive interface within Captivate. You then take a look at the HTML5 environment and its benefits and limitations. You move on to create custom breakpoints and adapt project content to accommodate these breakpoints. You will learn how to control themes, styles, and content for various screens sizes. You will learn the benefits of using smart positioning for content when building projects for multiple screen sizes. You will explore how to modify non-responsive content to adapt to a responsive design. Finally, learn how to take advantage of tools for testing responsive projects.
  • A practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows
  • Captivate Essentials - An Introduction to Captivate class or equivalent experience
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is for people who have been using Captivate and want to build responsive Captivate projects that automatically adapt to fit the screen size of the device whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop.
Course Topics
  • Working with Responsive Projects
  • HTML5 incompatibility
  • Sizing a Responsive Project
  • Adjusting styles for responsive projects
  • Creating Responsive Designs
  • Positioning Objects in a Responsive Project
  • Working with Responsive Content
  • Replacing Non-Responsive Content
  • Responsive Quizzes and simulations
  • Testing a Responsive Project

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