Creating Sites That Matter: Effective Web Information Design

This seminar teaches a framework within which to develop information design for your Web presence which responds to strategic goals and audience needs. Results-oriented design will help your organization communicate its messages effectively to the audiences you need to influence in order to fulfill your objectives. Students learn how navigation design, information design, and graphic design combine to take full advantage of how humans interface with interactive media. This framework, coupled with a detailed exploration of the practical technical and behavioral aspects of graphics, equip you to apply an effective approach to developing the best interface for your Web presence. Take this seminar to learn a step-by-step approach to choosing navigation strategy, identifying information design elements, and keeping graphic design in context (avoiding the "comp treadmill").
Students should have some basic experience on the World Wide Web.
1-2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This seminar is targeted to all Project Managers, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Content Developers, Production Coordinators, Programming Leaders, Controllers, Business Managers, involved in developing Web or other new media projects.
  • Gain a philosophy of seeing design as a tool to fulfill business objectives. Specifically, you will learn
  • Where navigation design, information design, and graphic design fit in the process of developing strategically effective Web sites
  • How to design for a purpose, and recognize effective design
  • Properties of an excellent navigation plan
  • Components of an information design plan
  • Aspects of the overall graphic design interface, including an understanding of human interface and graphical user interface
  • Technical constraints that must be respected to produce excellent Web graphics
  • Principles of graphic design
  • How to choose the best overall design for your Web presence

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