Cross Paradigm Insights and Innovation

Training Summary
This course provides students with an overview of the process of using cross paradigm analysis and thinking as a way of developing novel insights and creative solutions. Basic concepts covered are:
  • The idea of "patterns of problems and solutions" as generalizations of classes of problems and associated solutions.
  • How to generalize problems and solutions to extract high level patterns.
  • How to research other paradigms, business or disciplines for similar patterns.
  • Copying and synthesizing patterns from multiple paradigms.
  • Deriving models of solutions of methodologies from imported patterns.
During class, students will identify ways in which they can apply this approach in their own area of responsibility
It is recommended that students take "PT21869 Creative Thinking" and "PT21870 Innovation and Design Processes" prior to this course
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for everyone
Course Topics
  • Create new concepts, models, innovations and theories to solve complex problems and meet difficult challenges.
  • Develop unique approaches to deal with situations for which no known precedent exists.
:; Design new processes and systems to support the development of new ideas and methods.

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