CTX-1455AW Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Common Mgt Platform Administration

This course introduces Citrix administrators and IT professionals to common features of the management platform for Citrix Access Suite products. Learners are introduced to the Access Suite from a business benefit perspective and then learn what common technical features enable those benefits. Learners continue with an introduction to the Access Management Console, including guided practice on selected capabilities. This course concludes by preparing administrators to install, administer and support the Citrix License Server, as well as to address license issues common across the Access Suite products.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Hours/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for Citrix administrators and IT professionals familiar with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environments. Systems engineers, analysts, consultants, architects and Citrix accessPARTNER network members are also appropriate candidates for this course.
  • Capabilities and Components of Citrix Access Suite 4.0
  • Explain Citrix access infrastructure capabilities
  • Describe the Citrix Access Suite 4.0
  • Outline the primary components of the Citrix Access Suite 4.0
  • Common Management Tasks Overview
  • Describe the benefits of using a common platform for management of Citrix deployments
  • Describe the basic structure of each console used to administer Citrix Access Suite
  • Using the Access Suite Console
  • Explain the general steps for installing the Access Suite Console
  • Describe how the Access Suite Console can be modified and how it can be used with multiple products installed
  • Describe common management tasks performed using the Access Suite Console
  • Installing and Configuring Access Suite Licenses
  • Explain the steps to install the Citrix License Server and the License Management Console
  • Describe how to allocate, install and configure licenses from an organization's entitlement
  • Summarize the common licensing concepts for all Citrix Access Suite products
  • Managing Access Suite Licenses
  • Distinguish tasks that can only be performed in the License Management Console
  • Identify common parts of the console
  • Explain the steps required to perform various management and tracking tasks

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