Customizing DOORS for Your Environment (Advanced)

This course can be customized to cover topics that are of interest to your group. We will help you select the topics that are of the most interest and will create a course for you around those topics.
Students should have taken the Customizing DOORS for your Environment (Basic) course prior to attending this class.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for students who have mastered basic DXL capabilities and want to move into more advanced DXL programming techniques.
  • DOORS Architecture Overview
  • Strings and Buffers
  • Setting Strings and Buffers
  • Accessing Strings ad Buffers
  • Special Buffer Functions
  • Regular Expressions
  • Parsing using Regexp
  • Loop Statements
  • Loops Break and Continue
  • Arrays
  • Skip Lists
  • Functions and Parameters
  • Parameters Passing Functions
  • Overloading Functions
  • File I/O
  • Writing to a File
  • Reading From a File
  • File Info using Stat Type
  • Traversing Drive Directories
  • Searching
  • Traversing Links
  • Link Recursion
  • Creating DXL Columns
  • Data Input Dialogues
  • Integrating DOORS with Other Applications
  • Command Line Interface
  • Properties and Methods
  • Getting Data from DOORS to Other Applications
  • Using the Clipboard
  • Activating DOORS From other Applications
  • Batch Mode
  • External Visibility
  • Using Startup and Finish

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