Customizing DOORS for Your Environment (Basic)

Training Summary
This course will give the students a basic understanding of the DXL language, its format, and how it can be used to access information in the DOORS database. This course is a prerequisite to the Advanced Customizing DOORS for your environment course.
Students should have taken the Using DOORS in Your Environment (Intermediate) course before attending this class.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This basic course is primarily for students who are looking to understand the basic fundamentals of customization DOORS through DXL (DOORS eXtension Language).
Course Topics
  • Format of the DXL language
  • Basic DXL programming
  • Basic programming designed for those with little or no programming background
  • Using DXL to mo access and modify DOORS information
  • Modules
  • Objects
  • Attributes
  • Projects
  • Using DXL to generate information
  • Reports
  • Printing
  • Column DXL
  • Simple dialog display
  • Maintenance
  • Creating new attributes and types
  • Creating objects
  • Creating modules
  • Advanced DXL techniques
  • Using regular expressions
  • Applying triggers

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