CVP Development and Scripting Part 1 (CVPDS Part 1)

Training Summary
CVP Development and Scripting – Part 1 is part of the Cisco CCE/CVP suite of Contact Center suite. CVPDS-1 teaches each student to use the features of Call Studio to build self-service IVR applications for CVP VXML Server, and to pass data between CCE/ICM and CVP. Students have ample practice writing applications, using OAMP for put applications into production on the classroom VXML Server, and troubleshooting through log files analysis.
CCE Admin training or basic ICM scripting experience is required for this course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is for application developers, programmers, sales and pre-sales, technical support, and project managers to learn to script in CVP Call Studio and VXML Server.
Course Topics
  • Overview of a UCCE with CVP Comprehensive Call Flow
  • ICM routing script basics to route calls to CVP VXML Server and to pass data between CVP, ICM, Finesse Agent Desktop
  • Most of the class is dedicated to creating Call Studio applications that include the following:
  • Post-Call Survey
  • Studio Debugger to test applications
  • CVP Reporting Server and CVP CUIC Reports
  • Administration covered throughout the course:

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