Cybersecurity Crash Course: Essential Cybersecurity for Executives, Managers and Tech Users

Training Summary
The Cybersecurity Crash Course distills the essence of "What you need to know about Cybersecurity" in order to make this business-critical but highly technical subject matter understandable to executives, managers, and technology users with no prior background in cybersecurity. The course debunks cybersecurity myths and provides students with a solid foundation for understanding which cyber threats are real, and what they can do to mitigate and neutralize them. The training format consists of short-length, high-impact lectures punctuated by frequent live demos and Q&A that provides and interactive learning experience for students.The Cybersecurity Crash Course is available in 1 or 2 day versions. Both crash courses cover the same syllabus topics, but the 2-day crash course allocates substantially more time to live demos, Q&A, and Cyber Hygiene details.
An inquisitive mind and desire to learn about the subject matter. No previous experience or prior training is required.
1 or 2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Project Managers, Executives and technology users (not technology experts!) who want to learn how cybersecurity principles and best practices can make their systems more secure will benefit from this crash course.
Course Topics
  • Intro to Cybersecurity
  • Quick Tours (Overviews)

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