Dask Overview

Training Summary
This technical, hands-on overview class offers a brief but precise look at the many aspects of deploying and programming Dask, beginning with fundamentals of parallelism and Dask Dataframe, a model for large-scale tabular data based on extending Pandas. The class also explores visualizing the system using Dask’s real-time, animated dashboards. Dask Overview is recommended as a standalone class or as the first day of a deeper, multi-day exploration of Dask.
The following prerequisites are required for this course:
  • Python, basic level
  • PyData stack (Pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn), basic level
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for those who manage large-scale data transitions.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • Parallelize Python Code
  • Dask Dataframe
  • Dask Array
  • Dask Graphical User Interfaces
  • Machine Learning
  • Best Practices

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