Data Quality and Master Data Management with SQL Server 2012

Data is the key asset of a company. Companies want to gather information from the data; therefore, they start BI projects. However, most of the BI projects have to deal with Data Quality (DQ) problems. Data quality can be a huge obstacle for a successful BI project. Of course, the line of business applications suffer from poor data quality as well.Every company has part of the data which is used everywhere, in every transaction; like customers data, products data and similar. Such data is called master data. People who manage master data are often called data stewards. Processes and activities for maintaining master data are known as Master Data Management (MDM). In this course, you are going to learn MDM problems and solutions and become familiar with Microsoft tools for DQ and MDM, including Data Quality Services (DQS) and Master Data Services (MDS).
Before attending this seminar, it is recommended that students have at least moderate experience with transactional applications, data warehousing, reporting and On-Line Analytical Processing. The attendees should be familiar with the Transact-SQL language. Knowledge of a .NET language like C# or VB.NET is welcome as well.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for data stewards, business intelligence application developers and advanced administrators.
  • Introduction to Data Quality and Master Data Management
  • Installing and Maintaining Data Quality Services (DQS)
  • Installing and Maintaining Master Data Services (MDS)
  • Managing Master Data with MDS
  • Data Cleansing with DQS
  • Data Profiling with SQL Server Tools
  • Identity Mapping and De-Duplicating
  • Data Quality and Master Data Management with Excel

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