Database Modeling with Power Designer

This course provides participants with the skills necessary to design models for efficient and effective databases. Students learn to create Conceptual, Logical, Dimensional and Physical Models after gathering and defining the data requirements of an organization. Data element analysis, standardization, identifying candidate keys and recommended practices are included in this course. Normalization will be covered in detail as well as other major topics that include how to fully populate attributes to be implemented and define those attributes in terms of their domains or logical data types. The physical data model specifies implementation details for Sybase ASE 15.7 as well as configuration choices for index creation, alternate key declarations, referential integrity, constraints, views, and physical storage objects such as segments, partitions and named caches. Sybase/SAP PowerDesigner v16 will be used extensively.
Understand basic database concepts and basic SQL knowledge.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Business Analysts, Project Managers, DBAs, Designers and SQL Programmers who need to understand how to design models for efficient and effective databases.
Overview::Data Modeling::Business Requirements::Conceptual Modeling::Logical Modeling::Relationships::Primary and Foreign Keys::Normalization::Dimensional Data::Conceptual Dimensional Model::Logical Dimensional Model::Model Reports::Physical Modeling::Baseline Tables::Measurement Techniques::Assessing the Primary Key::Enforcing Data Integrity::Index Basics::Physical Dimensional Model::Other Objects::reFactor / reDesign

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