DataStage - Advanced Training

This course stresses high level debugging of Datastage jobs as well as understanding what occurs within the Enterprise Environment by reviewing the OSH code generated by the Enterprise environment. This allows the advanced developer to debug memory issues within EE jobs by searching for "hidden" operators within the job design and optimize the job execution. Then, the course will review extending the EE environment first by designing Wrappers (compiled C++ code supplied by 3rd parties) into EE jobs and finally how to write your own Enterprise stages and include them into your EE environment.
* A minimum of 1 year development experience in the DataStage environment with a basic understanding of the C++ environment.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for the advanced designer in the Datastage Enterprise environment.
  • Overview Parallel Concepts (Application scalability, Explicit & Implicit parallelisms, Pipeline and partition parallelisms, Framework of engine)
  • Reading and understand the Score generated by EE
  • Reviewing the score and understanding inserted operators within the score.
  • Debugging an EE job when it aborts with memory issues
  • How to resolve the problem by job design optimization thru use of the score
  • Wrappers
  • How to encapsulate pre-compiled "C++" programs within the EE framework
  • Use of 3rd party tools within the EE framework
  • Buildops
  • Write your own C++ code and embed within the EE framework
  • Pitfalls and benefits of using Buildops over Wrappers.

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