DB2 11 for z/OS Application Programming Workshop - CV722G

Training Summary
This course enables you to acquire the skills necessary to produce application programs that manipulate DB2 databases.Emphasis is on embedding Structured Query Language (SQL) statements and preparing programs for execution.
You should already have experience with one of the supported programming languages, COBOL or PL/I for z/OS. You are also expected to already be able to construct and use SQL statements.
3 Days
This intermediate course is for application programmers who need to write embedded SQL programs in COBOL or PL/I (on z/OS).
Course Topics
Incorporate static SQL statements in an application program Prepare the program for execution Validate execution results are correct Produce code to support multiple rows being returned from the database manager using cursors Identify considerations regarding units of work, concurrency, and restart of programs Identify differences between static and dynamic SQL Provide test data for applications Discuss program and DB2 options relative to performance of static SQL Learn aboutCloud & Data PlatformData and AIInformation Architecture MarketDatabases and Tools for Z Portfolio

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