DB2 11 for zOS Implementation Workshop - CV862G

Training Summary
This course is for installers of DB2 10 z/OS and/or migration to DB2 11 for z/OS using the Install CLIST. The participants are involved in lectures that explain DB2 11 components and pointers, and the processes used to install or migrate from DB2 10 for z/OS. To reinforce the lectures, a series of labs are provided to give each participant hands-on experience installing DB2 10 for z/OS and migrating to DB2 11 for z/OS. Students access a mainframe environment for the labs.
The following prerequisites are suggested: The basic concepts and facilities of DB2 The basic concepts of Structured Query Language (SQL) z/OS Time Sharing Option (TSO) and the z/OS interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) Course CV832 Database Administration Part I or equivalent Work experience in a z/OS environment Course CV852 System Administration or equivalent Work experience in a z/OS environment Defining and allocating z/OS data sets using z/OS job control language (JCL) or equivalent experience.
5 Days
Anyone responsible for maintaining, installing or migrating DB2 10 for z/OS to DB2 11 for z/OS, or installing DB2 11 for z/OS.
Course Topics
After completing this course, you should be able to: �Prepare z/OS TSO environment to run the Install CLIST �Provide appropriate parameters for the Install CLIST �Execute the Install CLIST �Define DB2 10 for z/OS � �Define VSAM catalog and alias �Define system data sets and databases �Initialize system data sets and databases �Define DB2 10 for z/OS initialization parameters �Define user authorization exits �Record DB2 11 for z/OS data to SMF �Establish subsystem security �Verify the DB2 10 for z/OS installation �Update subsystem parameters �Create a new subsystem parameter module �Migrate DB2 10 for z/OS to DB2 11 for z/OS Conversion Mode �Enable DB2 11 for z/OS New Function Mode �Verify migrationConvert the BSDS and Catalog/Directory to 10-byte RBA and LRSN usage ConfigureCloud & Data PlatformData and AIInformation Architecture MarketDatabases and Tools for Z PortfolioDb2 for Z

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