Db2 12 for z/OS Introduction to System Administration - CV853G

Training Summary
This course provides students with an introduction to the skills and knowledge needed to administer a Db2 12 for z/OS system.
Understanding of the objects (such as databases, table spaces, tables, indexes, and so forth) used in a Db2 subsystem Basic knowledge of SQL At least one year as a z/OS systems programmer or equivalent knowledge OR At least one year as a Db2 for z/OS Database Administrator
3 Days
This course is intended for z/OS system administrators, database administrators, or other technical individuals who will be managing Db2 12 for z/OS.
Course Topics
After completing this course, students should be able to: Start and stop a Db2 subsystem Use the SET SYSPARM command Access the system log to gather information about the subsystem initialization, operation, or shutdown Describe the components and address space structure of a Db2 subsystem Explain the use of RACF (or another external security program) for Db2 connection security Explain the use of Roles and Trusted Contexts Implement security procredures for a Db2 subsystem Explain Db2 program flow for all environments Explain parameter setting for the IRLM Invoke and utilitze Db2 TSO facilities Use the Db2 Catalog to monitor subsystem authorizations Work with the Active Log data sets Explain Db2 logging Use SET LOG SUSPEND and SET LOG RESUME Use DSNJU004 to print log map and interpret the results Use DSNJU003 to rename Db2 data sets Plan for recovery of a BSDS failure Monitor and control a Db2 subsystem Explain transaction flow in IMS and CICS environments (optional) Describe the CICS and DB2 environment (optional) Explain the difference between JDBC and SQLJ And much more Learn about, Cloud Data and AI, Information Architecture Market, Databases and Tools for Z Portfolio

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