DB2 for i - DB Coding and Implementation Using DDS and CL Commands - OL62G

Learn how to code, create and maintain DB2 UDB for i physical and logical files using native Data Description Specifications (DDS) and Control Language (CL) commands. Build a DB2 UDB for i relational database foundation, if you intend to write application programs for the IBM i system, however the course does not address SQL implementation of DB2 UDB for i. Learn many techniques that, if implemented, enhance the performance of applications using the database.
You must be able to: Use Program Development Manager (PDM) and Source Entry Utility (SEU) to enter source code into a source file Use PDM to create an IBM i object from a source file member Explain the function of DDS in defining files on the i Use Data File Utility (DFU) to maintain a physical file
3 Days
This is a basic course for individuals who create and maintain a DB2 UDB for i database.

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