Db2 for LUW Database Administration

Training Summary
This course makes your life as a Db2 LUW DBA more productive. Over four days, this course covers the roles of the DBA and the activities that are important to your success with Db2. Extra time is spent on performance topics. This class uses hands-on and paper exercises to reinforce the topics covered. This class is current to DB2 11.5 and new fix packs.
Intended for people wanting DBA knowledge or DBAs with experience on another DBMS.
4 Days/Leccture & LAB
This course is designed for Database Administrators and senior development staff.
Course Topics
  • Object Management
  • Utilities
  • Key System Parameters
  • Buffer Pool Optimization Techniques
  • Table Spaces Design
  • Index Design
  • Access Path Selection
  • Evaluating SQL Performance
  • Security
  • Backup and Recovery

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