Db2 for z/OS Advanced SQL with Performance and Tuning For Programmers

Training Summary
This course focuses on best practices for proper design, coding and maintenance techniques with the primary objective of improving Db2 performance. Students will learn specific factors which impact performance and how they can proactively address performance issues in their SQL and application programs. Students will learn the features of the EXPLAIN function, how it is used for optimization and how optimization hints can change the optimizer’s decisions. Participants will understand the purpose and function of the PLAN TABLE.
Before attending this course, students should have experience coding in one of the programming languages listed: COBOL, PL/I or C, TSO/ISPF and Db2 file structures.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for application programmers and programmer/analysts who will be using SQL statements in a high level programming language to manipulate Db2 tables.
Course Topics
  • Application Tuning
  • SQL Statements That Can Affect Performance
  • EXPLAIN Function
  • Simple and Complex Access Paths
  • Index Structure, Design, and Usage
  • Db2 Buffer Pools and Their Impact on Performance

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