Db2 for z/OS COBOL Stored Procedures

Training Summary
This 2-day course presents coding and administration requirements to implement COBOL Db2 Stored Procedures for the Db2 z/OS environment. Students will leave this class with a full understanding of what it takes to code and implement a stored procedure. Time is spent on the stored procedure definitions, along with creating, coding, and implementation steps needed. Hands-on workshops for all the steps needed are part of the class.
Working knowledge of both COBOL and SQL
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Database Administrators and Application Developers who will be setting up and defining Stored Procedures on a Db2 for z/OS platform as well as anyone who will be coding the stored procedures. There are both coding workshops for the stored procedures, and COBOL calling programs
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Stored Procedures
  • Parameter Passing Stored Procedures
  • Result Set Passing Stored Procedures
  • Temporary Tables
  • Stored Procedures Performance Considerations

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