Db2 for z/OS: Using RACF

Training Summary
Today more and more organizations are using RACF to control all aspects of Cb2 security, not just the systems as in the past. Now all internal security needs at both the system and data levels, such as access to Db2 for z/OS objects and data, are managed via RACF. This intensive, one-day course shows exactly how this can be achieved.
A working knowledge of RACF and an understanding of Db2 for z/OS at a conceptual and terminological level.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
Those who can benefit from this Db2 for z/OS: Using RACF course include: All Db2 or RACF security administrators wishing to gain further insight into controlling Db2 security using RACF.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Db2 Security
  • Internal Db2 Security
  • Data Control Language & Privileges
  • Db2 Security Reporting and Auditing
  • RACF Security Overview
  • Defining the Db2 Subsystem to RACF
  • Defining Db2 Objects to RACF
  • Row & Column Level Access Control
  • Distributed Data Considerations

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