Db2 Operations

Catalog Home IBM Mainframe & Midrange Db2 for z/OS

This course introduces students to the concepts of relational databases and the strengths of Db2.
It covers the major components of Db2 and their fit into the OS/390 environment.

Students should have a basic understanding of Db2 terminology and concepts.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

The course is designed for operation personnel who need to gain a better understanding of Db2 and its environment.

Constructs and Concepts

  • How Db2 fits into the MVS environment
  • Batch and On-line Execution
  • Application SQL
  • Db2 Catalog, Indexes, Optimizer and Security
  • Batch and On-line Utilities
  • Reliability in the Production Environment
  • Performance Monitoring, Reporting and Tuning

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