Db2 Performance and Tuning for Linux, Unix and Windows

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Db2 Performance and Tuning for Linux, Unix and Windows

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This course will review many aspects of performance and tuning of Db2 version 10, for Linux, UNIX (incl. AIX) and Windows (LUW). Db2 commands and tools created by IBM for Db2, will be used to support workshop activities. Performance and tuning varies with type of user to be supported. We will review this topic for support of SQL users, developers, data designers, and database administrators.

Before taking this course, students should have relevant Operating Systems experience (Linux, UNIX or Windows) along with knowledge of relational database theory and SQL. Students should also have previous experience of using Db2 that includes either some database administration or application support.

4 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for database administrators and those senior support persons, who are responsible for tuning Db2 for performance or analyzing application performance.

Creating Tables and Tablespaces

  • Advanced SQL Techniques
  • SQL Performance
  • Data Access And EXPLAIN
  • The Db2 Optimizer
  • Event And Snapshot Monitors
  • Multi-Dimensional Clustering (MDC)
  • Advanced Table Options
  • Configuring For Self-Tuning Of Db2
  • Db2 Operational Model
  • The Health Monitor And Activity Monitor
  • Db2 Configuration Parameters

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