Db2 QMF for Workstation

The Structured Query Language (SQL) will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of Db2 QMF for Workstation to access Db2 data. Several guided, hands-on, practice sessions give each attendee an opportunity to use Db2 QMF for Workstation to build “custom” reports from Db2 data using the extensive capabilities of the QMF FORMs panels. The use several other Db2 QMF for Workstation facilities such as Help, Save/Display, Prompted and SQL Query modes, PROCs Graphics and Dashboards is explored.
Before taking this course, at least six months of Windows experience is recommended. No previous database experience is needed.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for IT personnel who need use the Db2 Query Management Facility (QMF) for Workstation to build reports from Db2 data.
Db2 QMF for Workstation Basics - hands-on demo
  • A Tour of Db2 QMF for Workstation
  • Explore the FORMs Options
  • Use Joins and SubSelects for practicing using DB2 QMF for Workstation
  • QMF PROMPTED Query - Introduction
  • Page Heading – Footing Text
  • Break Text & Final Text
  • Form Detail
  • Db2 QMF for Workstation PROCs – Multiple QMF Commands
  • Db2 QMF for Workstation TABLE EDITOR SEARCH
  • Run additional Db2 QMF for Workstation user queries
  • Build graphics displays for SQL queries – charts and graphics
  • Build visual DashBoard access to Db2 data and non-Db2 data
  • Build advanced queries

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