DB2 SQL Application Programming

This is a comprehensive DB2/SQL programming course. The experienced batch programmer will be introduced to the concepts of database programming in the DB2 environment. Much time is devoted to the important topic of using Structured Query Language (SQL) SELECT Statements to extract the proper subset of data from a DB2 database. The use of SQL, either embedded within an application program or executed interactively using DB2I is presented. The student is presented with information regarding the DB2 application program preparation process. Cursor processing, which allows the application to process multiple rows of data, is discussed. Emphasis is placed on practical programming techniques with real-life programming examples demonstrated.
Minimum of three to six months active batch programming experience with a high level language (COBOL, PL/1) in a mainframe environment.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
COBOL or PL/1 Programmers and/or Programmer/Analysts with batch programming experience or DB2 programmers who would like to perfect skills.
Introduction to DB2::DB2 concepts and terminology::Structured Query Language (SQL)::Data Definition Language (DDL)::DB2I (DB2Interactive) and SPUFI (SQL Processor Using File Input)::Data Manipulation Language (DML) Select Statement::Functions within DML::Joins, unions and subqueries::Data Manipulation Language (DML) updating::Application program preparation::Using SQL in an application program::Cursor processing in an application program::Programming techniques::DB2 recovery::DB2 performance considerations::Data Control Language (DCL)::DB2 load and other utilities

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