DB2 UDB Custom Course

Students must have good working knowledge of relational database technology.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Understand the DB2 environment
  • Understand implementation of referential integrity including proper delete rule selection
  • Understand basic and advanced SQL coding syntax
  • Understand DB2 physical structure including indexes
  • Create views
  • Code SQL statements that manipulate and define DB2 tables and execute them interactively
  • Design and code SQL statements for performance
  • Learn what DB2 Catalogs are available and their purpose
  • Learn application-coding considerations for DB2
  • DB2 Overview
  • Basic Data Manipulation
  • Advanced Data Manipulation
  • Update Data Manipulation
  • Data Definition Language
  • Data Control Language
  • Application Program Considerations
  • DB2 Catalogs for Programmers
  • SQL Coding Considerations

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