DB2 UDB for z/OS - Advanced Application Tuning Basics

This course provides the student with the knowledge to code and tune complex SQL queries to achieve optimum performance. It covers writing advanced SQL statements to retrieve data in an efficient and effective manner. The structure of DB2 objects, indexes, and DB2's access methods are discussed. EXPLAIN will be used to help determine performance.
Students should have a working knowledge of SQL, TSO, SPUFI (or QMF).
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone who will be coding SQL queries and is concerned with optimum performance. It is designed to support application developers, business analysts, end users and database administrators.
  • DB2 system and performance basics
  • Database design for high performance and to insure data integrity
  • Coding efficient and effective SQL queries
  • Understanding predicates and access path performance
  • Tuning Multi-table joins
  • Advanced coding techniques for batch and online
  • Use EXPLAIN to determine and verify the access path

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