DB2 UDB Stored Procedures for UNIX/Windows

DB2 Stored Procedures Workshop provides an introduction to the DB2 stored procedure environment. Upon completion of this course, the students will have the skills necessary to create stored procedures using SQL PL, Java and other programming languages. Students also will have the skills to create the necessary code in client/calling applications to invoke the DB2 stored procedures. This course is designed to be taught in a UNIX/NT training environment, however with the proper software it can also be taught on a OS/390 host system. Regardless, the concepts learned can be applied to any platform.
Ideally, candidates should have a basic understanding of Relational Database Management Systems and Structured Query Language (SQL). Also, a working knowledge of a programming language, such as 'C' language or Java is recommended, but not mandatory.
2-3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for students with a need to utilize the DB2 stored procedure environment.
Overview of DB2 stored procedures::The DB2 Stored Procedure Builder GUI::SQL PL language::Using the SPB to create Java Stored Procedures::Calling DB2 stored procedures::Debugging DB2 stored procedures::VB Client calling SQL PL procedure (day 3)::Stored Procedures in other host languages (day 3)::Comparing DB2 SQL PL with other procedural languages (day 3)

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