DB2 Visual Explain for SQL Application Performance Analysis

Training Summary
This course gives a brief overview of DB2 SQL performance considerations, including establishing goals for Application SQL performance. We explore the capabilities of Visual Explain that are beyond those of the Explain Plan SQL statement Filter Factor analysis, Stage1 and Stage2 analysis, number of rows returned.The Visual Explain performance analysis capabilities are used to explore several SQL statements to illustrate the major DB2 data accesses - Table Space scans, Non-Matching and Matching Index scans, Index only access, and understanding sort impact. Extensive, guided workshop sessions give additional insights into performance analysis using Visual Explain. One workshop improves performance of SQL statements via rewriting them.
Students should have at least six months experience using DB2 SQL is needed. Previous DB2 SQL application performance analysis experience will be helpful, but, is not needed.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is for experienced Data Processing personnel who need to use IBMs Visual Explain tool to analyze SQL statements to determine their performance goodness.
Course Topics
  • Review the capabilities of Visual Explain
  • Walk-thru how Visual Explain examines SQL access paths
  • Use Visual Explain to examine SQL access paths
  • Workshops using Visual Explain

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