DB2 Visual Explain

This course focuses on using Visual Explain V8 for DB2 z/OS to optimize SQL statements in terms of elapsed, CPU and I/O times.
Students should have completed DB2 SQL Essentials or equivalent knowledge.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Application Developers, Application Programmers, Production DBAs, Database Administrators and Capacity Planners.
  • DB2 Objects
  • Data Integrity
  • The DB2 Environment
  • ZPARMs
  • Index Design & Usage
  • DB2s Access Types
  • Predicate Types
  • Date Time Arithmetic
  • Temporary Table Usage Guidelines
  • Plans vs. Packages
  • Batch Application Performance
  • Locking & Concurrency
  • Efficient SQL Guidelines Summary
  • The DB2 Optimizer
  • Visual Explain (VE) Introduction
  • Visual Explain (VE) Terms & Concepts
  • How to Tune SQL via VE
  • Whats New in DB2 V9 (for Developers)

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