DB2 z/OS Performance for DBAs

Learn how DB2 works within the z/OS environment to maximize performance for mission critical database applications. Considerations for both batch and online databases will be addressed, as well as the special needs of data warehousing. Learn how to keep DB2 databases operating at peak efficiency through the proper use of reorganization and object management strategies. Learn how to troubleshoot poorly performing SQL. This material is current to DB2 V8 and V9.
The students should have knowledge of DB2 DBA fundamentals and z/OS system fundamentals.
2-3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for DBAs. Systems programmers and senior application developers may also benefit from this class.
  • DB2 Performance from a Systems Perspective
  • Designing and Maintaining Peak Subsystem Performance
  • DB2 Performance Reporting
  • Database Design for Performance
  • Application and SQL Performance
  • Monitoring SQL Performance
  • Design of On-line Applications
  • Batch Application Design

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