Design Thinking + User Centered Design

Training Summary
In this class, you will learn how to validate ideas in order to detect and articulate emotional value from your UX/UI and development efforts. By the end of the class you will have applied hands-on experience with creating 3D profiles of your target audience using field studies, user journeys, personas and empathy maps to brainstorm and ideate new solutions. Next you will learn rapid prototyping techniques using Lean UX techniques. We will work as a group to generate a dozen new design solutions quickly. Finally, you will learn the industry leading technique for testing wireframe ideas with users: usability testing. The field study and usability testing will involve actual customers, recruited in advance of the training by UX consultancy Experience Dynamics. Blending the industry standard thought leadership techniques of Design Thinking with User Centered Design, you will leave this class armed with hands-on skills and tools to tackle design, product and UI issues and opportunities. You will learn how to become a better communicator with developers and designers and how to leverage an Outside-In design approach. This is an Applied Training meaning it involves true learning-by-doing including an actual field study and usability test with up to 10 students. How it works: Your team selects a project to work on during the training in advance of the training. This gives the training a truly hands on project that has real business needs and constraints behind it. The learning activities and exercise will take place using actual customer involvement
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Course Topics
  • Hands-on field-work (learn with a real project). Teams of 2-3 will go out to customer homes/work places to gather UX requirements.
  • Choose a real project of your own to work on (increased relevancy); learn using real customer data.
  • Develop key Design Thinking skills: Observation/ Prototyping and Testing.
  • Learn how to design to drive up user engagement and motivation, critical for improving customer conversion, user satisfaction engagement.

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