Designing Cubes, Dimensions, and Facts Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008

This course provides students with the beginning and advanced skills necessary to design, deploy, tune and use data warehouses containing both star schemas and OLAP cubes using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services. In order to do this, the student will learn how to create dimension and fact tables for their star schemas using the SQL Server Management Studio. They will learn how to load their dimension and fact tables using SQL Server Integration Services. They will learn how to build an Analysis Services database for their OLAP cubes using the Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio. The student will learn how to use Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) to browse and update OLAP cubes. The student will learn how to speed up query response times using aggregates, make cubes interactive with URL and drill-through actions, enable financial analysis and globalization using cubes, retrieve data and create BI reports, implement role-based security for the cubes and manage and monitor Analysis Services databases.
Students should have experience designing or using databases. Knowledge of SQL is helpful.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is targeted at database, data warehouse, and business intelligence designers and users, who need to understand how to design, deploy, tune and use both star schemas containing dimension and fact tables as well as how to design, deploy, tune and use cubes to deliver usable and timely business intelligence.
  • Business Intelligence A Data Analysis Foundation
  • Understanding OLAP and Analysis Services
  • Accessing Source Data
  • Creating Dimensions
  • Creating a Cube
  • Creating Advanced Measures and Calculations
  • Advanced Dimension Design
  • Working with Account Intelligence
  • Currency Conversion and Multiple Languages
  • Interacting with a Cube
  • Retrieving Data from Analysis Services
  • Implementing Security
  • Designing Aggregations
  • Managing Partitions and Database Processing
  • Managing Deployment
  • Advanced Monitoring and Management Tools

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