Developing Ajax Applications v1.0

This course introduces the Ajax programming model for web applications. We start with a tour of basic browser programming, using JavaScript, the HTML DOM, and CSS. Then, students learn how to establish communication between their on-page JavaScripts and server-side application components, and thus to develop richer, more user-friendly and responsive web applications.We pursue Ajax connectivity entirely from the client side in this course, and at several levels. From an initial study of the bare-bones approach using the XMLHttpRequest browser object, we move on to consider programming techniques for thread safety, and use of higher-level script libraries such as Prototype and Dojo.
Prior knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, or the HTML DOM will be helpful, but no such knowledge is required.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for software developers, and some programming experience is assumed. Familiarity with basic HTML constructs is required
Overview of Ajax::JavaScript::The Document Object Model::Cascading Style Sheets::Making Remote Requests::Prototype & Co.::Dojo

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